Crosstown Fellowship is a missions minded church. We believe that God's heart is for the nations. We serve the local community and global ministries through partnerships. We practice Faith Promise Giving (See below) as a means of funding our mission partners. We can do more together! 


    Crosstown has an annual missions conference each year the end of October. The 2020 Conference is scheduled for October 31 - November 1 with Guest missionaries Dorcas Croft and her son Mathias. Dorcas has served with Global Partners in Swaziland, Africa for more than 25 years teaching in the Bible College. Make sure this weekend is blocked out on your calendar!!

  • Faith Promise Giving

    How Does It Work?
    Because a Christian’s overall purpose is to glorify God, I as a Christian should want to give to advance his kingdom throughout the world. A faith promise for missions is an expression of my obedience to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all people.” Committing to a faith promise gives me a new perspective on my assets and priorities. I begin to see that everything I have belongs to God. I look for ways he provides, so I can give more for his cause. When I commit to give in faith, I do not rely on my limited resources, but on God’s UNLIMITED resources. Read more about it by clicking the link below.

    FAQ - http://www.globalpartnersonline.org/partner/give/national-ministry-shares/faith-promise-giving/

  • Global Partners is the missions arm of the Wesleyan Church. Global Partners serves more than 220 missionaries and national ministries in more than 100 countries of the world. http://www.globalpartnersonline.org/


    Serving in the Czech Republic, they desire to be a light in a darkened city through teaching English and working with the local church. Their vision is to see Czech Christians in Brno reaching out to nonbelievers.


  • CARL & MAYA Gilles Family

    Carl, Maya, Bethsaina, Thea, Zahra, Aaliah. Carl and Maya serve with Global Partners as leaders of the French Speaking countries with a focus on Africa. It is their desire to raise a new generation of Christians and see churches thrive.

    You can follow the Gilles on Facebook and more information.


  • Bangladesh - JESUS FILM MINISTRY

    The Jesus Film has been the catalyst for dynamic church growth in Bangladesh over the past five years. We will partner with one of three teams involved in evangelism and church planting. Under the leadership of Rev Joshe Bose the church has become a force for Christ and the Gospel in Bangladesh.

  • Our passion is drilling water wells that provide clean, safe drinking water to remote villages in Mozambique, Africa.   http://www.water4lifemozambique.org

  • CareNet Treasure Coast

    Founded in 1991, Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast is a locally organized and funded outreach. We provide a variety of FREE SERVICES and programs to meet the needs of our clients and of the community.