latest church update

February 2021

A word from Pastor John Croft

A lot has changed in a year. This March will be one year since the world changed. Lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, mask wearing, lost jobs, online school, and much more has managed to reshape our way of life. It may be easy to look at all of this and think that it is all bad, however, I believe God is working out His purposes in our world and in His church. We have had to re-evaluate how we do church but we also have had to consider "why" we do church. 

In spite of everything we are still here and we still have a role to play in the shaping of our community. Even during all this upheaval we have seen a massive influx of people moving into our community. Homes are popping up all around us and each home means new people will soon be moving in. It is our time to shine brightly in our community a beacon of hope that Jesus loves, Jesus saves, and He "Still" has the whole world in His hands.

Join us in this new season. During the month of March and leading up to Easter Sunday on April 4th I will be preaching with an emphasis on HOPE. I invite you to worship together with us on Easter Sunday as we will share that "Hope is Alive". Yes, things are quite different than they were a year ago. It is true that "its not what happens to us that Matters but how we react to it that matters".

We chose to react with hope!


In His Grip,

John croft

Pastor of Crosstown Fellowship Church


Our protocols for a clean and safe environment are still in place. This will remain until we have been given the all clean by our public health department. 


Our Protocols


No restrictions on where and how you park in the parking lot. The same as at Walmart or Home Depot.

Upon entering, the door will be held open for you by a greeter in a mask who will greet you with a smile.

Our seating is spread out to allow for safe distancing.

While not mandated, we strongly recommend the wearing of a mask while indoor.

Hand sanitizer will be available but we also recommend bringing your own if possible.

We ask that families (same household) seat together.

You can be assured that all precautions are being taken to ensure that we worship together safely.


Simple / Clear


In His Grip,

John Croft

Pastor, Crosstown Fellowship Church